Hello World from the Princeton RSE Group!

Welcome to the first Princeton RSE group blog entry!  Before we get into the good stuff, here’s a bit of background

About Us

A relatively new addition, the Princeton RSE group formed in late 2016 within the Princeton Research Computing Department.  We develop software long term with traditional research groups to enable and advance research. We strive to develop high quality software both in terms of performance, and sustainability/maintainability.  We work alongside research groups from multiple disciplines.  You can read more about our group on our webpage and the individual members of our group here.

What you can expect out of this blog

We’ll be sharing software projects we’ve worked on including major releases, scripts and solutions we’ve generated, and little interesting discoveries that have come up along the way.  We’re looking to share some of the best practices we’ve settled on, point out some lessons learned, and try to foster discussions within the broader RSE and research software community.

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